Selections from a Peronist textbook for children.

El Alma Tutelar
The Instructing Soul

Libro de Lectura para 1er. Grado Superior
Textbook for the First Grade.

    Mama is the guardian angel of the house. She is always happy and works without ceasing. At every moment she smiles at us, looks at us, caresses us, and talks with us.
    She is tireless in loving us and protecting us.
    God made her like that for us.
    Thank you my God!

Just as your mother is the guardian angel of the house. She is the guardian angel of children.
She was so good and she loves us so!
For us, she organized football matches, donations of toys, beautiful parties...
She constructed schools, homes, playgrounds, parks, and she created a dream city she named the “Children’s City.”
She was happy when she saw contented children, and her guiding soul, from a star will shine for us.

Papa is strong. He works all day, and when he comes home, he talks with Mama and plays with us.
Sometimes, he helps us with chores and explains lessons to us.
I am always at his side and I take his hand and touch his clothing.
I love him so!

The President of the Republic
Just as Papa is for us, President Juan Perón is for all the men on Argentine soil.
For them he exhausts himself; for them he enthusiastically toils, to them he dedicates all the hours of his life as a tireless laborer. 

Translated by T.M. Edsall