Social Justice in the Living Thought of Perón
From Mundo Peronista, March 1955

Social Justice in the Living Thoughts of Perón

1.Social Justice and Democracy-
I understand that there is no integral democracy without social justice.
(A Docentes. 21-2-45).

2.Trilogy of Social Justice-
The Revolution to achieve perfect social justice has arrived at an
understanding of the true trilogy: the worker, the patron, and the State.
(Al sindicato del vidrio. 10-6-45).

3.Basic Postulates of Social Justice-
We are forming a social conscience based on the three postulates of
our social justice: in ethics, firstly, the elevation of social culture,
secondly, bestowing dignity on labor, and thirdly, the humanization of capital.
(A obreros maderos. 24-9-45)

4.Social Justice and Government-
The government should not view justice as an innate sentiment, but rather should ensure it.
(A Empleados. 4-12-46)

5.Social Justice and Internal Peace-
Argentina should set its internal peace on the rock base of social justice.
(En la concentración de Montjuich. 23-6-47)

6.Social Justice and Economic Independence-
I affirm that without economic independence there is no hope of social justice.
(Al Congreso de Organismos Sinicales. 9-7-47)

7.Social Justice and National Unity-
Through social justice we have united all Argentines.
(En Córdoba. 23-2-48)

8.Social Justice and Universal Peace-
Universal peace will only be possible when social justice rules over every people.
(Mensaje al Parlamento. 1-5-48)

9.Concept of Social Justice-
When we say social justice we desire that no one forgoes that which they deserve;
that it won’t be exercise power in excess; that everyone receives the compensation that their efforts deserve. 
(A obreros vitivinicolas. 1-8-49)

10.Requisites of Social Justice-
To ensure justice the only thing one has to have is a little virtue in the heart and a little truth in the mind.
(A estudiantes chileños. 17-9-49)

11.Limits of Social Justice-
I promised to my people social justice and she has been achieved without any limit but that of justice itself.
(En Plaza Mayo. 17-10-49)

12.Social Justice and Cooperativism-
The cooperative spirit is the triumph of social justice and of the social conscience of the Argentine people.
(A Cooperativas Agrarias. 5-3-50)

13.Social Justice and the Third Position-
In the social order, the third position between individualism and collectivism
is the adoption of an intermediary system whose basic instrument is social justice.
(Ménsaje al Parlamento. 1-5-50)

14.Social Justice and the Exploitation of Man-
We only accept fully developed social justice in a Justicialist State that punishes the
exploitation of man by man and doesn’t accept the exploitation of man by the state. 
(A la Unión Ferroviaria, 31-7-50)

15.Social Justice and Liberty-
Individual liberty formulates itself on the base of justice.
(En el Salón Blanco, 26-9-50)

16.The arms of Peronism-
The two arms of Peronism are social justice and social welfare.
(En Plaza Mayo, 17-10-50)

17.Social Justice and Social Security-
Social security is certainly a fundamental part of social justice,
one of its most brilliant consequences.
(III Reunión Interamericana de Seguridad Social, 12-3-51)

18.The Just and the Justicial-
The old individualistic concept of the just has been for us
converted into the new concept of the justicial, according
to which each one should give one’s self to everyone, but within a social function. 
(“Mundo Peronista”. 15-12-51)

19.Social Justice and Christianism-
We have wisely understood the old Christian message of love
building a fraternal community organized upon the monolithic pedestal of justice.
(Mensaje de fin de año. 31-12-51)

20.Goals of Social Justice-
Our social justice does not only desire an equitable distribution of material values,
but also a correspondent and just distribution of spiritual and moral goods.
(Mensaje al Parlamento, 1-5-52)

[Mundo Peronista suggested that its readers cut out the little cards and combine them
int a booklet to be carried with them everywhere and studied.]

(Translated by T.M. Edsall)