The Michael C. Meyer Annual Prize

Scholarly Resources (SR), publisher of the Jaguar Books on Latin America and the Latin American Silhouettes series, to honor a most distinguished historian of Latin America, proudly announces the Michael C. Meyer Annual Prize. Dr. Meyer's contributions as teacher, author, and editor are manifest in the students he mentored, the numerous books he wrote or co-wrote, and his work as Managing Editor of the Hispanic American Historical Review (1976-80). The prize honors an emerging scholar who exhibits the careful, nuanced scholarship for which Dr. Meyer was noted throughout his career.

The prize will be awarded annually. Scholars who have not previously published a solely authored academic book will be eligible. Submissions must consist of four copies of a completed book-length manuscript, a current curriculum vitae, and a recent photograph. Only single-authored scholarly investigations of Latin American history, broadly defined to consider cultural anthropology, political science, U.S.-Latin American relations and political economy will be considered, provided they consist of substantial historical analysis. Book-length biographies, monographs, and works of synthesis and interpretation are eligible; fiction, translations, anthologies, and collections of documents are not.

Manuscripts must be submitted between January 1 and November 15 to be considered for the prize to be awarded the following spring. Final and absolute judge of the winner will be the Meyer Annual Prize committee consisting of three scholars selected by SR based on their scholarly reputation in the profession; an editor of SR will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee. The prize will be awarded at the Rocky Mountain Conference on Latin American Studies. It will consist of a $1,000 award (a $500 outright grant plus a $500 advance against royalties), a memento to commemorate the prize, and guaranteed publication of the manuscript by SR in its Latin American Silhouettes series. Because publication of the winning manuscript is guaranteed, manuscripts submitted simultaneously to other presses will not be considered. The prize committee reserves the right to determine that no suitable manuscripts have been received, in which case the prize will not be offered that year. All manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication.
Inquiries or submissions should be sent to:

Richard M. Hopper
Vice President and Editorial Director
Scholarly Resources
104 Greenhill Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19805-1897

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