Thomas M. Edsall, Ph.D.

Welcome to the page that leads you to information on the history courses I am currently teaching at Assumption College in Worcester, MA.

U.S. and Modern Europe: 1815-2000
The course provides an overview of Western European and U.S. history with an emphasis on the struggle for social equality, political democracy, and the growth of nationalism. It will also discuss the conflict between the ideologies of liberalism, fascism, and Marxism that have so defined the 20th century.  The goal will also to show how history has affected individuals and led to cultural and social change.  Finally, the class will examine modern U.S. history to critically analyze the political, cultural, and social world we live in today.

History of Modern Latin America
This course is designed to survey modern Latin American history from Independence to the present.  It will provide an overview of Latin American history punctuated with lectures/discussions on specific countries.  The class will provide a broad overview of the growth of nationalism, the struggle for social justice, and the effects of internal and external attempts at domination while emphasizing that these issue shaped the lives of tens of millions of Latin Americans over the past two centuries.  The class will place a special emphasis on the histories of Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina as examples of these general trends.

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