Argentine History Source Book

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Cosas Peronistas

Los Muchachos Peronistas-Marcha Peronista
The Peronist Boys-Peronist Marching Song

Anthem of the Peronist Movement.

Captain Evita-Capitana Evita
Second anthem of Peronist Movement centering on Eva Perón.

The Twenty Truths of the Peronist Movement (1940s)
The Justicialist movement’s core tenents.

Bill of Rights of the Workers (1947)
Document spelling out worker’s rights according to the Peronist movement.

My Labour in the Field of Social Aid (1949)
Speech by Eva Perón describing the Peronists role in social welfare.

Peronist Chants from 1945-1990
Chants and songs from the Peronist movement as it evolved.

Selections from a Peronist textbook for children.
A children’s textbook that provide insight into gender and Peronism.

Selections from Cuentos del 17 de Octubre
First chapter of children’s book that celebrated the 1945 popular uprising to free Juan Perón from arrest.

From Mundo Peronista, March 15, 1955
Social Justice in the Living Thoughts of Perón

A series of short lessons about social justice for the followers of Perón to read and memorize.

From Mundo Peronista, March 15, 1955
Calendario Peronista/The Peronist Calendar

A list of Perón’s activities from a magazine dedicated to his regime.

La fuerza es el derecho de las bestias - Force is the Right of the Beasts (1958)
Commentary on Capitalism and Communism.  This selection from Juan Perón reveals the justicialist position on the conflict between capitalism and communism in the early years of his exile.

Selection from The Hour of the People, La hora de los pueblos
Juan Domingo Perón condemns foreign aid as an imperialist strategy of the United States in 1968.

Juan Perón on Revolutionary and Guerrilla Warfare (1969)
Juan Domingo Perón comments on why revolutionary and guerrilla movements are profilerating in the late 1960s, how they should fight, and their chances of success.

Hubo un Buenos Aires antes de Perón

Conventillos were older houses converted into tenements in the period of heavy immigration from 1870 to 1920. 

Tangos from the era of 1917-1945
Tangos presented as social history.
This additional outside link (Planet Tango) has additional tangos in both English and Spanish.
This additional link (Tango Lyrics Homepage) has the lyrics from thousands of different tangos and milongas (primarily Spanish Language). See my brother-in-laws tango page for music to see how tango still thrives in Buenos Aires. Includes photos and music: Bardos Cadeneros.

Crimes reported in La Prensa in 1886 and La Nación from 1907-1910.
Statistics and lurid crimes from the daily newspapers.

A House of the Oligarchy: 1920s
A tour of a  mansion that typified the lifestyle of the Argentine
upper-class in the 1920s.

Biographies of the Argentine Elite in 1920
Taken from William Belmont Parker’s Argentines of To-Day(2 vols. New York: The Hispanic Society of America, 1920.)

Welcome: Plus Ultra (July 1925)
An Upper-Class Magazine Salutes the Prince of Wales in July 1925.

Chapter from Albert Londres, The Road to Buenos Ayres, 1928.
The book is a
n inflammatory and polemic investigation of white slavery and prostitution in Buenos Aires with this chapter focusing on La Boca.

Sociedad de Beneficencia-Beneficent Society
Short article about the founders, presidents, and activities of the prestigious
Argentine charity. From Para Tí, 1934.

 La Ley Suicida/The Suicidal Law by Benjamin Villafañe
Selections from a conservative politican in the 1930s who believed that universal suffrage lay at the roots of Argentina’s political problems.

Nationalist Manifiesto
COMBATE, no. 43, 1937
The Magazine of the Argentine Civic League

Manifesto from a pre-Peronist fascist movement.

Un Paseo por el Campo

Among the Ostrich-Hunters, Wanderings in the Wilds of Patagonia
Chapter from a travelogue describing an 1877 journey through Patagonia.

Una Picada Argentina

Basic Modern Statistics:  Some statistics on Argentina provided by the CIA. U.S. tax money at work.

Map of Argentina:  A current map of Argentina.


Outside Links

Directory of Information and resources

Jackpages, Johnpages, Nexthits, Komung, Infoleb, Vizul, (English Language)
Literally hundreds of important links and texts.

Biblioteca Virtual de Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish Language)
Contains scores of important historical texts relating to Argentina. Invaluable.

Juan Domingo Perón (1895-1974): Justicialism (English Language)
Speech that includes 20 truths of the Justicialist Movement.

Eva Duarte de Perón: History of Peronism (1951) (English Language)
Short excerpt.

Argentine Presidential Messages (Spanish Language)
Presidential messages from University of Texas-Lanic Project.

History-Videos-Film-Literature of Argentina (Spanish Language)
Spanish language page that has historic films as well as information on history and literature.
Page loads slowly but you can find historic footage of Eva and Juan Perón (such as the coup d’etat of 1955) as well as historic moments in Argentine cinema and television.

Secondary Sources

UT-Lanic Argentine Links
Very useful list of links relating to Argentina. Has a history link.

Portal de Historia de Argentina-Argentine History Page (Spanish Language)
An excellent secondary history page with historic photos and short articles.